MPPT 40A Charge Controller

Max Input Voltage: <100V Battery Voltage: 12V/24V Max Input Current: 40A PV Max Input Power: 12V 520W / 24V 1040W Charge Mode: MPPT

RG-PT series is an MPPT solar charge controller with LCD display. The advanced MPPT control algorithm can quickly and accurately track the maximum power point of the photovoltaic array in any environment, obtain the maximum energy of the solar panel in real time, and improve the utilization rate of the energy of the solar system; and has an RS-485 communication interface, which can Meet communication needs in different environments.

Advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking ( MPPT ) technology with a maximum conversion efficiency of 99.5%

· Ultra-high tracking speed to ensure tracking efficiency

· Reliable automatic limit function of maximum photovoltaic input power to ensure no overload

· 12V/24V automatic identification system voltage

The large-screen color LED display not only displays the photovoltaic input current, but also displays the battery charging current, which is convenient for users to read and improves the efficiency.

· With battery temperature compensation function.



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